St Lucia Dialysis provides all variations of renal dialysis, conventional dialysis and high efficiency dialysis in a unforgettable tropical Caribbean setting. Finally your dream Caribbean vacation can be yours without compromising your dialysis care. Whether you are vacationing on our island or visiting on a cruise ship stop we can accommodate your dialysis needs. Formerly known as Island Dialysis, St.

Lucia Dialysis offers the complete range of treatment options and support services necessary to provide the highest level of care possible. We invite you to get to

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The Caribbean Island of St Lucia has a warm tropical climate tempered by trade winds throughout most of the year. The beaches around the North (Castries, Gros Islet) near our dialysis clinic, whilst warm, receive cooling trade winds. The driest period is from December to May. St Lucia is a must see destination!St. Lucia offers a variety of food options to suit just about any palate, from the gourmet to the gourmand or the mac-and-cheese-lover

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St Lucia is the second-largest of the Windward Islands. It has some of the finest mountain scenery in the West Indies and is rich with tropical vegetation. St Lucia has a great variety of plant and animal life. Orchids and exotic plants grow wild in the rainforests, and the roadsides are covered with many colourful tropical flowers. St. Lucia Dialysis is located in Tapion Hospital, Castries, the Capital of St. Lucia and in close proximity to most major hotels and resorts.

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A St Lucia Dialysis vacation can give you a sense of freedom and adventure and also be a way to reconnect with your loved ones and friends. Experience all that St Lucia has to offer knowing that you can maintain your dialysis treatments in a world class medical dialysis clinic, and at the same time enjoy getting away from it all..

We also offer dialysis treatments to cruise ship visitors who make stopovers at our port. Contact us in advance of your cruise to arrange your appointment. A wide variety of foods are available so that you keep your kidney diet in mind while vacationing. The high quality care at our St Lucia vacation dialysis clinic ensures patients feel their best and are able to do the things they enjoy. It should be noted that our staff have been recruited from Canada, our equipment and facilities are state of the art. Catherine Lane, Registered nurse originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is glad she chose to work in dialysis. In addition to managing the unit Cathy is also active in patient care as she personally attends to visiting patients