St Lucia Vacation Dialysis Information

St Lucia Vacation DialysisConsidering a vacation and you require dialysis treatments.

St Lucia Dialysis is one of the nicest places to have your dialysis treatments and enjoy all the benefits of getting away on vacation, whether it's by land or cruise ship.

St Lucia DialysisSt Lucia Vacation Dialysis Clinic

A St Lucia Dialysis vacation can give you a sense of freedom and adventure and also be a way to let you reconnect with your loved ones and friends. Experience all that St Lucia has to offer knowing that you can maintain your dialysis treatments in a world class medical dialysis clinic, and at the same time enjoy your vacation.

Caribbean DialysisCruise Ship Passengers Dialysis Treatments

We offer, with prearrangement, dialysis treatments to cruise ship visitors making a stop at our Island of St Lucia. Our clinic is just a short distance away from the Port where many of the cruise ships dock.

Caribbean DialysisFull Range of Dialysis Services

St Lucia Dialysis provides all variations of renal dialysis, conventional dialysis and high efficiency dialysis in a unforgettable tropical Caribbean setting.

Caribbean DialysisQuality Care, Canadian Standards

The high quality care at our St Lucia vacation dialysis clinic ensures patients feel their best and are able to do the things they enjoy. It should be noted that our staff have been recruited from Canada, our equipment and facilities are state of the art. Catherine Lane, Registered nurse originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada manages the            clinic and she is also active in patient care as she personally attends to visiting patients.

Caribbean DialysisOur Dialysis Service

1. We provide hemodialysis using state of the art technology and infection prevention protocols.
2. Each patient enjoys individual TV entertainment during dialysis in our relaxed setting.
           3. We customize your treatment time to your individual need.
           4. We coordinate your dialysis with your home program to ensure smooth continuity.
           5. We help arrange your transportation to and from the dialysis unit on your behalf.

St Lucia Vacation DialysisStandard of Care

1. We provide all variations of hemodialysis, conventional and high efficiency.
2. We use bicarbonate dialysate exclusively.
           3. Our facilities are run by registered nurses most of whom have 10 to 20 years experience.
           4. Our infection control protocols meet or surpass published standards (CDC, AAMI).
           5. We do not reuse dialysers, tubing's or needles.

St Lucia Vacation DialysisMaintaining Your Dietary Needs

A wide variety of foods are available on the Island so that you keep your kidney diet in mind while vacationing. We're pleased to share information and advice. Always AVOID eating the Star Fruit! It's dangerous to those on dialysis.

St Lucia Vacation DialysisCanadian Reimbursement Forms

For Ontario, Canada residents we'll supply you with the OHIP claim form that you are required to complete and submit directly for reimbursement of fees. As of December 2012 OHIP reimburses $210 CDN for each treatment.

St Lucia Vacation DialysisTestimonials

We've posted testimonials from visitors to our clinic. We value their response, and we are pleased to share their comments. Visit our Testimonials page. We look forward to sharing your testimonial.

St Lucia Vacation DialysisOur Location:

St. Lucia Dialysis is located in Tapion hospital, Castries. Castries is the Capital of St. Lucia and in close proximity to most major hotels, resorts and the cruise ship port.